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Akabane Bussan

Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Regular 60g

Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Regular 60g

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Lucky Me Pancit Canton is a popular brand of instant noodles in the Philippines, produced by Monde Nissin Corporation. It is a type of dry stir-fried noodle dish inspired by the traditional Filipino pancit canton, which is itself influenced by Chinese cuisine. The product comes in various flavors, such as Original, Kalamansi, Sweet & Spicy, Chilimansi, and Hot Chili.

Preparation typically involves boiling the noodles and then mixing them with a provided packet of seasoning sauce and oil. Lucky Me Pancit Canton is widely enjoyed as a quick, convenient, and flavorful meal or snack. Its affordability and ease of preparation have made it a staple in many Filipino households.

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